Romax Technology Host BGA Gear Noise and Transmission Measurement Course

The BGA’s Gear Noise and Transmission Measurement course was once again held at the Romax Technology Centre, in Nottingham, on 20th September.

The course was hosted by Dr Michael Platten, Romax Technology’s resident expert in dynamics and NVH, and examined the basic causes of gear noise and the path from initial gear design and manufacturing errors to the final noise generation.

To begin the programme, an introduction was given to define transmission error and the sources of gear noise. Subsequently, gear design for low noise was examined in more depth, including transmission error in spur, helical and planetary gears, and the effect of misalignment on tooth contact. Afterwards, noise signals, such as tooth passing frequencies, run out and sidebands were considered, and finally, practical aspects of noise measurement and the diagnosis of the cause or source of the noise were explored.

The overall aim of the course was for attendees to be able to differentiate between gear noise problems and noise generated from other sources, and to identify remedial action required to alleviate the problem.

Feedback from attendees was positive, and Dr Platten sums up the benefits of such events: “The course provides a good opportunity for people from different sectors of the gear industry to get together and obtain common understanding and appreciation for noise and vibration.”

Romax Technology hold similar events on an annual basis – contact us for more information or to register your interest for our next event.

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