Romax Technology: A World-Leader Based at UNIP

Romax Technology’s UK Headquarters are proud to be based at the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park, which now approaches its 10 year anniversary.

UNIP have recently published their yearly report, showcasing some of the most exciting technology being researched and produced on the park.

The UNIP report says of Romax Technology “UNIP is much more than just a campus. It’s a place where innovative ideas translate into commercial reality and there is perhaps no more prominent example on site than Romax Technology.”

Romax moved to the purpose-built, 5.6m facility at UNIP in 2014, and enjoys its high quality office space, central UK location, and energy efficient solutions including solar shading, heat recovery systems, a biodiverse green roof, and the ability to use spare energy capacity from nearby buildings. Being based here has proven particularly fruitful for Romax’s mutually-beneficial relationship with the University of Nottingham, one of their key academic partners.

Andy Poon, Romax Technology CEO, commented: “Romax Technology is very much a global business now, with 12 offices on the major continents serving clients around the world in key industries. Romax’s Research and Technology base is in the UK and centred here at UNIP. Our engineering consultancy services teams are based here, in addition to our software development team – the software which Romax Technology sells globally is developed on this site.”

He continued: “Our relationship with the University and our commitment to the East Midlands means we are able to employ some of the industry’s brightest minds, including strategic thinkers, technology innovators, experienced engineers and world-leading software specialists.”

The full report can be read online here, and further information about UNIP can be obtained here.

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