Linamar Corporation chooses RomaxDESIGNER for their design and development of Driveline systems

Linamar Corporation founded in 1966 by Frank Hasenfratz is committed to investing in the latest available technologies. From advanced automation and CNC machining equipment used in the manufacturing process, to the testing equipment and software managed by engineering teams to the innovative product solutions the company provides to customers, Linamar is on the leading edge.

The foundations for Linamar’s technical advancements are rooted in the expertise of McLaren Engineering. McLaren Engineering has used RomaxDESIGNER since early 2007. Linamar also know that customers are looking for more from their vehicles than just good durability and low fuel consumptions.

Christopher West, Chief Engineer for Axle and Core Engineering tells us that “RomaxDESIGNER is chosen because it was the software that satisfied our needs for upfront prediction of system performance for geared systems; it provides a short computation time plus a friendly user-interface.”

Innovative engineering approach from Romax is being applied to the development of new electric drive systems at Linamar. In the words of Kevin Ledford, Chief Engineer for E-Axle Sytems at Linamar “RomaxDESIGNER is pivotal to development of new e-Axle systems. McLaren Engineering has seen good correlations of analytical predictions from Romax with test results in the prototypes tested at McLaren Engineering”

Andy Poon, CEO of Romax said, ‘we are delighted that world-leading customers such as the Linamar Corporation continue to use our number one flagship product RomaxDESIGNER within their design and development process. The software now also covers the electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets, highlighting its increasing role in enabling our customers to achieve faster and more accurate designs that match their innovative and unique requirements.”

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