Announcing Romax Winter Webinar Series

Romax are delighted to announce the start of our winter webinar series, with five different themes running over November, December and January.

This series aims to specifically target your design and analysis challenges and ultimately highlight how you can maximise your potential with the Romax Software Suite.

The winter webinar series will run in November, December and January, and will feature the latest technical developments in line with emerging industry trends. It starts next week, with our first series: How to make early stage layout and component design decisions for transmissions and drivelines 

  • 27th November – Right First Time concept level design for transmissions. This session will provide an introduction and overview of the capabilities and benefits of CONCEPT for early drivetrain design and analysis.
  • 28th November – Applications and use cases: concept design tools for rapid concept and layout generation. Learn about different applications of CONCEPT in practical scenarios and hear about how some of our customers have used it.
  • 30th November – Workshop – concept model building and component sizing & analysis in minutes. This session will be a hands-on workshop featuring live demonstrations of a wide variety of CONCEPT’s capabilities.

Following this series, there will be further series on dynamics, CAD FUSION, bearings and electrification.

For more information, and to register, click here.

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