Challenges in wind turbine servicing and inspection… and how to overcome them

Presented by: Rui Gil – Mechanical Engineer

Wind turbine servicing and inspections are routine but far from easy. Watch this webinar to learn about the biggest challenges in servicing and inspection and discover opportunities for improving on common practices which are often found to be outdated and inefficient.

This webinar addresses some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ for improving servicing and inspection processes. Real world examples from end-of-warranty and QA/QC projects are used to illustrate common challenges that we encounter in the field, including:

  • Servicing is highly inconsistent – the quality of servicing and solutions to problems often depends on the individual engineer/technician involved.
  • Inspection data is not recorded well over the life of a wind farm – there is great potential to learn from historical findings and to make better informed maintenance and troubleshooting decisions.
  • Creating high quality reports is difficult and time consuming – especially at key times such as end of warranty, when data must be compiled carefully to make effective claims.
  • Managing safe working practices – how can you remain diligent when staff are working remotely in the field?