Romax launching software enhancements aimed at driving design optimisation

Romax will launch new features and enhancements to the Romax software suite in September 2015, aimed at providing its customers with smarter ways to analyse, design and optimise, gearbox, bearings and driveline capabilities.

Romax’ product suite is renowned for providing world-class gearbox system structural analysis and optimisation. It combines highly detailed non-linear component models such as gears and bearings with imported finite element structures used to represent gearbox housings, planet carriers, differentials and other flexible structural components.

The suite will include an array of new features aimed at equipping its customers with the ability to provide more power and ultimately work smarter. These will include:

  • Batch Running: leverage investments in Romax analysis by linking to enable automation and optimisation
  • 3D Component Creation & Meshing: using complex shapes without turning to other CAD or FE tools
  • Spline Modelling & Analysis: improved spline analysis to cover a multitude of situations
  • New Gear Types: Worm, Face and Beveloid capabilities, with even more opportunities for modelling
  • Early Stage Design: improved capabilities for gear design and efficiency predictions
  • General improvements and enhancements across RomaxDESIGNER, CONCEPT, CAD FUSION and Dynamic FUSION software, including improved usability and Windows 8 support

As part of the release we are also offering free webinars to help users navigate and utilise the new features.